.223 Remington 55gr

September 7, 2023
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 .223 Remington 55gr

  • High Quality
  • American Made
  • Military-Grade Ammunition


The 4140 Armory’s .223 Rem 55gr FMJ boat tail rounds are made in Texas with Military Grade brass from General Dynamics. The brass we use for our .223 rounds is identical to that used for 5.56 rounds and has been annealed for enhanced shoulder strength. Our rounds have a verified muzzle velocity of 3200 FPS. Additionally, we utilize General Dynamics smokeless ball powder for optimal performance, providing reliability that is trusted by the US Military.

Our precision match components are identical to those used by the United States Military but are even better.  4140 Amory guarantees that all components meet the SAAMI compliance standards through small lot production and inspection. Our team inspects every round by hand to ensure that it’s flawless.



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